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If you have any Islam-related question that really bothers you and you are looking for an answer. "Fatawa" is a live TV show where the viewers will be able to ask the Sheikh about Islamic legal opinio

Risalat Al-Islam

“Risalat Al-Islam” is a very special and unique program that will be presented by Professor Tariq Ramadan who will invite us to be immersed with him at the heart of the message of Islam.


Mohamed Soyir Kassim makes you discover what mercy is, its depth and its implications.

Women Duties & Rights

IQRAA presents to you the new program” Women Duties & Rights”, where Julie Siddiqui - one of the first female national Vice Presidents of the Islamic Society of Britain

Reflections on Islam from an European Muslim

How to understand and live Islam as a European? By addressing in a simple way important issues such as the search for the happy medium, the soul purification or the full participation in public life,

The Market

The majority of Muslims today have fallen into a deficient understanding of making money which leads to Shubuhat "doubts". Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, a well-known economist, will remove these doubts

Stairway to Paradise

Youngman Moez Masoud will draw a simple road that can lead you to Jannah in his show "Stairway to Paradise".

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